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Ampli đèn điện tử Yaqin 6L6 Tube Amplifier


Select fine ultra recommending circuit getting linear most for use , use person who improve export load with name bright 6L6GC make powerful to export newly. ● Grade has enlarged circuit and " long end type " phase inverter for SRPP ago, output transformer adopt Japan produce audio frequency special-purpose silicon steel sheet (Z10 ) and high strength enameled wire and special to is it make craft make to wind. ● Select for use famous without being imported factory the special-purpose to Hifi grade the electrolytic in stereo set and (MKP) make hindering audio frequency electric capacity and the Third Ring Road money not high-quality not special-purpose. ● The main sound channel selects for use and imports the special-purpose volume electric potential device . Set up the function of the earphone especially, may connect and use the earphone to listen to the gallbladder machine. ● output power:23W+23W(4Ω-8Ω)
● frequency response:6Hz-70KHz(-2 dB)
● Lose true degree:≤5% 
● SNR:≥78dB(A weight) 
● input sensitivity :≤250mv
● Input impedance:≥20KΩ
● load impedance:8Ω or 4Ω 

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