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CHASSIS ( 43 x 10 x 33 cm )


Model No: A-200, NEW IN STOCK    

-High End aluminum power amplifier chassis/case
-Holes predrilled for DIYGene power amplifier kit (A680/A700/M9/M10)
-Front Panel:
Material Aluminum, brushing finishing, colour : Silver or champagne
 43 x 10 x 33 cm )

-Side Board:
inner aluminum side board with pre-drilled screw holes, match for A-680/A700/M-9/M-10. Please specify the model you need to match.
thick side board: 10mm thick (inner and outer, not including heatsink fin)
-Steel cases ,Colour: Black
-Back Panel :
With 2 versions: XLR and RCA or RCA only

-Weight: 16.5Kg (Nett weight, not including packing)

-Buyer need to responsible for import duties/tax if applicable.

Package includes:
-Alum. front panel x 1
-L shape steel board x 1
-top board x 1
-back panel board x 1
-Amplifier kit fixing board x 2 (Aluminum, can pre-drill screw holes for M-9, M-10 and A-680 kit in factory)
-large heat sink x 6
-Power LED diode, Power On/Off button, On/off buttons fixing stand
-M-3 screws x 6
-Long Philips screws x 32
-short philips screws x 42
-Plastic stand  x 4
-and related back panel sockets, eg power, fuse,RCA and loudspeakers output

Two back panel versions:
-top board is for A-680/A-700 wth XLR and RCA inputs
-bottom board: is for M-9 and M-10, RCA inputs only

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